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Hello! My name is Samantha Roche. I am a Suffolk County resident, mental health nurse practitioner, and health policy student at The George Washington University School of Nursing. I'm passionate about improving access to mental health care in Suffolk County, across the state of New York, and throughout the nation.


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Why Collaborative Care? 

Research demonstrates it is: 

  • Effective

  • Efficient

  • Less stigmatizing

  • Good value

As of September 2023, there are only 12 Collaborative Care Model programs in Suffolk County.

Primary care practices need your assistance

There are up-front costs to establishing a Collaborative Care program for primary care practices, and most practices cannot afford to take on the financial risk of hiring the appropriate staff to make the model successful.

Your constituents need better access to mental health care services

Lack of mental health services is a serious problem. Long wait times for therapy or mental health medication management are common and mental health provider shortages add to the challenge. Suffolk County residents value mental health care, and current efforts alone aren't enough.

The Collaborative Care Model is an evidence-based, effective way to integrate mental health care into the primary care setting, which can improve your constituents ability to get crucial mental health care when they need it.

The Collaborative Care Model utilizes a team approach: A primary care provider, a behavioral health care manager, and a consulting psychiatrist. All are trained to provide specialized medication and counseling interventions to help meet your constituents needs.

Learn more about the Collaborative Care Model here


Support ongoing Federal funding of integrated models of care


Encourage New York State to apply for funding every fiscal year


Request that funding be directed to primary care practices in Suffolk County

More questions? Please reach out to talk more about improving access to mental health care!


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